Reliable and fast
static hosting.

If you have a simple static website for example for restaurants, portfolios or something else built you should think about switching. We make it easy and simple.

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Build and then export it to us.

Personal Portfolio

Host your personal portfolio website with us, showcasing your professional work, skills, and achievements. With our reliable hosting service, you can ensure that your portfolio is accessible to potential clients and employers at all times.


If you own or manage a restaurant, our hosting service is perfect for your website. You can display your menu, share special offers, and allow customers to make reservations online (using element embed). Our fast and secure hosting ensures that your restaurant's website runs smoothly, providing a seamless experience for your customers.


If you're a web agency building websites for clients, you can trust our hosting service to provide a reliable platform for hosting their websites. We offer a seamless integration with Webflow, allowing you to easily export and host the websites you build. Your clients will benefit from our cost efficient pricing, high-performance servers, ensuring their websites are always up and running.

Static pages

In addition to the examples mentioned, our hosting service is ideal for hosting a wide range of other static webpages. This includes informational websites, event pages, landing pages, and more. Whatever static web content you have, our secure and scalable hosting infrastructure will ensure your website is accessible to visitors without any downtime.

About us


We are a Swedish-based Webflow agency, where we specialise in development and design.
We understand the importance of a seamless hosting experience, which is why we are creating a platform tailored specifically for Webflow users that offers hosting for static sites at a cost efficient price.
Hope you like the project :)


/Netsius team

Upload site

Easily upload your website with our extension and the  export button. On our platform you can easily upload your static site and connect your domain.

Super easy to upload site
Hostflow extension
Use our test domain for testing
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Edit your page.

Use our editor to update text, images and links.

When you have uploaded your page you can go into every page and change the text, images and links easily as it would be a Word document. It is perfect for making small changes like changing simple information or fix grammatical errors.


We use AWS + Fastly to manage your websites. Combining AWS and Fastly will make your website load fast and secure with SSL. These services create a fluent experience all other the world.

Dynamic Content

We are going to release a dynamic content manager this fall if all goes well with V1. Sign up the waitlist to get notified when we do.

Have the ability to easily create blog posts, change team members, services and reviews super fast.

Build with code,
Host with Hostflow

Limited time offer: Early Bird Membership at $5/month for 1 website/3 years or $49/year for 3 websites/5 years. Act fast! Offer ends soon.
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Early bird pricing

Sign up to the waitlist or get yourself the early bird offer.
First version is scheduled for release on August 1st


Wait until platform is released
The waitlist is free

If you don't want to get the early bird offer you can just subscribe to the waitlist and wait until our service is released for beta testers.
You will get a mail when the beta and version 1 are going to be released.

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After early bird offer ends - 9$
Price for 1 website for 3 years

Take advantage of our exclusive early bird offer and secure a substantial discount on hosting for a duration of 3 years, starting from the moment it is released. This discount will remain active throughout the entire 3-year period, ensuring remarkable savings for our valued subscribers.

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14 day refund policy & cancel anytime

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Yearly save 18%

After early bird offer ends - 99$
Price for up to 3 websites for 5 years

Enroll in our exclusive early bird program and unlock an exceptional discount on hosting services for a period of 5 years, commencing from its official release. Enjoy the benefits of this substantial discount for the entire 5-year duration, providing you with unmatched savings and value.

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14 day refund policy & cancel anytime

When the app is live will we send the login information to your email adress.

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
Is there a free trial available?
Once the product is live their will be an free trial available. For now you can sign up on the waitlist or buy our early bird pricing.
What will the quality of the hosting be?
Of course. Our pricing scales with your company. Chat to our friendly team to find a solution that works for you.
When will the platform be live?
Our estimated time of launch is July 29 2023. But our prices will be going up so secure your early bird prices now!
Will I be able to give my clients access?
Yes! You can invite your clients to become an editor and manage text, images and CMS items.
Will I be able to bring my CMS items across?
For version 1 you will not be able to import your CMS items but we are trying to get it ready for version 2.
Engagement & Project Progress?
To ensure the success of the project, we rely on active engagement from our valued community. If we do not receive sufficient engagement, we may regrettably be unable to proceed with the project. We appreciate your involvement and encourage you to participate actively to help us bring this initiative to fruition.

Still have questions?

Get in touch with our team and we will be happy to answer